A Brief...

Neat Solutions (PVT) ltd (Neo Engineering and Technological Solution) was incorporated in 2003 as private entity by two directors and with only two employees, namely; our current managing director, Mr. Champaka Paulis and administrative assistant, Mr. ML Harischandra at founding Colpetty office. Design, construction and consultancy of Mini Hydropower plants, geological investigations and marine constructions were main concentration in the early stages till committing with China Harbour Corp. to reconstruct entire fisheries harbours from Panadura to Kudawella (in post-tsunami period) further committing to USAID for 82 projects around the country where civil engineering wing of Neat Solutions encounter a rapid growth. In par with our corporate strategy, Neat Solutions was then diversified in to various industries within the company and through both sister companies (subsidiaries), namely; Huilan (PVT) ltd and Trees (PVT) ltd.  

Our Skills...

Construction and Consultancy 95%
Innovation 90%
Research and Development 85%
Project Management 96%
Marketing and Advertising 80%
Corporation and Partnership 87%

What are the services Neat Solutions offers

As a diversified company, we provide many services to our trusted clients.

Civil Construction and Consultancy

We conduct construction and consultancy of civil engineering projects.

Offshore Soil Drilling

We conduct offshore drilling and soil investigations using jack-up barges.


We conduct stabilization of slopes using different engineering techniques.

Geographical and Topographical Surveying

We conduct geographical and topographical surveying utilizing highly qualified staff and modern equipment.

Deepwater Cutting and Welding Diving Work

We are equipped with instruments and highly qualified divers to conduct deep water constructions of more than 100m.


We conduct series of researches on renewable energy production and its usage while implementing renewable energy production.

Accommodation and Tourism

We offer exclusive and elegant apartment complexes and comfortable holiday bungalows

Inbound Logistic Operations

We offer ship unloading and inland transportation of raw materials.

Our Accreditations

Along with experience gained in many industries, we are proud of our achievements and accreditations that further recognizes our quality of service and commitment

Highways C5
Bridges C5
Maritime Construction C4
Dredging and Reclamation C4
Irrigation and Land Reclamation C4
Electrical and Mechanical Engineering EM2

Zero Harm Safety Award

We are trusted by many clients

Since the beginning we have being able to create many trusted partnerships with many local and international companies in all the industries we operate. To name a few;